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Software development customization of software: Even the best of companies, in an effort to generalize the software or a solution, actually make the solutions complex. The solutions or software sometimes need customization, so that, the user don’t have to go back to school. We develop and customize solutions to suit customers’ requirement so that it can be used with ease. We train the users to extract maximum out of the solution.

1.Customised software development:-

Customised software development in business applications.

2.Rapid customisable application software:-

Himadi has made continuous effort to keep pace with the changing technology as well as provide support even on legacy systems

3.ERP Solutions:-

We provide ERP solutions to following industrial sectors:

  • Hospital & Travels.
  • Couriers.
  • Schools
  • Business and Financial management Solutions
  • Constructors companies
  • Mailing Solutions

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